Max Shooter for PS3

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Item NO.: MAX004
Product Name Max Shooter for PS3
Package Blister
Measurement 59.5*49.5*32.5 (cm)
N.W 11 (KG)
G.W 12.5 (KG)
QTY 40 (PCS)
UPC CODE 7655432168847
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● Compatible with all PS3 games
● Compatible with all versions of PS3 consoles
● Can map the controller button keys to any key of the Keyboard
● Compatible with 95% of mice and Keyboards
● High sensitivity, precision and smoothness
● Can adjust the mouse sensitivity by the 2 extra wheels
● Built in Turbo (Auto Fire) function, eight customizable auto-fire buttons
● Plug and Play - Just connect the Max Shooter to PS3.
● Ease of use: Just use the original PS3 controller to re-map itself to the mouse and keyboard
● Both controllers analog stick keys can also be mapped to the mouse and keyboard
● Connect PS2 compatible controllers PS2 to you PS3
● Compatible with PS2 joypads, light guns, racing wheels, dancing mats and more




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