PS/PS2 Controller prograrm able converte

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Item NO.: PS2031
Product Name PS/PS2 Controller prograrm able converte
Package Card & Blister
Measurement 69*49*30 (cm)
N.W 15.25 (KG)
G.W 16.75 (KG)
QTY 100 (PCS)
  • Q & A
● Turbo function: Pressing Prog button on the converter, and individually pressing any of △、〇、╳、 □ 、L1、R1 button on PS controller, you can define the button as Turbo function. The Turbo function of the button will be cancelled by repeating this step.
● Slow function: Simultaneously pressing Prog button on the converter and Start button on PS controller, you can get Slow function, and the function will be cancelled by repeating this step.
● Support two record modes: Normal REC Mode and Real Time REC Mode. You can set L2、R2、L3、R3 button as a programmable button. Each of them can record 15 kinds of motion at most, and the max time interval between each motion is about 2 Seconds.
● Normal REC Mode: You can input being defined buttons by turns without caring for the time interval between them because it can be adjusted together later.
● Real Time REC Mode: Memorize the button that you have recorded in real time, including the lasting time of each button and the delaying time of the button series.
● Intelligent convert function: The right and left direction in Macro can be exchanged. Forexample, if you define Macro of L2 as →↘↓↙←, automatically the converter will convert Macro to ←↙↓↘→ when you press “←+L2”. Just like this, when you exchange the position in the game, you still can use the defined Macro.
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