XBOX 360/PC VGA Switch

Packaging Details

Item NO.: VGA002
Product Name XBOX 360/PC VGA Switch
Package Gift Box
Measurement 69*49*31 (cm)
N.W 24.5 (KG)
G.W 26 (KG)
QTY 60 (PCS)
UPC CODE 7527524558778
  • Q & A
●The VGA Switch has two RGBHV and two Audio signals. Output one set of signal to a monitor or an audio device.
● When the XBOX 360 game screen and a PC have to share one monitor, the VGA Switch helps you avoid the hassles of removing and plugging in VGA cables repeatedly.
● The VGA Switch will allow you to have the XBOX 360 and an HDTV plugged in at the same time without having to disconnect any cables.
● VGA Switch can keep the input signal consistent without any increase or decrease in quality.
● Audio output signal port is compatible with a standard AV and a headphone port.
● Will support all resolution modes for the XBOX 360 and PC.
● The screen frequency depends on the display device’s frequency. XBOX 360 VGA Switch will never change the frequency. 



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