How to connect the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 with Magic-S Pro on Switch

2022-11-18 14:05:47 MAYFLASH
  • Please upgrade Magic-S Pro to the latest firmware.

  • Turn on the “Pro Controller Wired Communication” of the Nintendo Switch system once you switch the adapter to the Switch Pro mode (the LED indicator is purple).

Tips: System Settings - Controllers and Sensors - Pro Controller Wired Communication – ON


  • Sync Xbox One Elite Series 2 Controller with Magic-S Pro

More Instructions

  1. Plug Magic-S Pro to Switch Dock. It will go to the Purple mode automatically. If not, please setup Magic-S Pro to Purple Mode manually by pressing and holding the SYNC button located on the side of the Magic-S Pro for 3-5 seconds.

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  2. Turn on your controller by pressing the Home button.

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  3. Press the SYNC button located on the side of the Magic-S Pro. The LED Indicator will blink quickly.

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  4. Press the button“SYNC”of the controller

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  5. The Bluetooth has been paired if the LED indicator lights up.

  6. Your controller is now ready to use.

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Special Remarks:

  • It may take a longer time to connect your Xbox Elite 2 and Magic-S adapter. And the connection may be disconnected shortly (The LEDs on the controller and the adapter flash) and then connect again during the Bluetooth pairing process. Please wait patiently until the LED indicators on the controller and the adapter stop flashing.

  • If you want to disconnect the controller and the adapter, please press and hold the HOME button on your controller to shut off the power.

  • If the Bluetooth connection failed, you can repeat the above steps to try again. Please make sure you pull out the adapter and plug it to the game console again, and restart your controller before a new connection.