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PodsKit:Bluetooth USB Audio Adapter for Nintendo Switch, PS4 & PC

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Item NO.: NS003
Product Name Bluetooth USB Audio Adapter for Nintendo Switch, PS4 & PC
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System Compatibility
Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, PS4, PC.

Quick Start
Switch (handheld mode), Switch Lite and PC (with an available USB-C port):
Plug the PodsKit into the USB-C port of your Switch console / PC.
Switch (docked mode), PS4 and PC (with an available USB-A port):
Attach the USB-C to USB-A adapter(included) before plugging the PodsKit in
The USB-C to USB-A adapter would cover the next USB port of Switch Dock /PS4,to the better using experience, an additional USB-C to USB-A cable is included that replace of the USB-C to USB-A adapter
1. Set your Bluetooth headphones / earphones to “pairing” mode (please consult the operating manual of your Bluetooth device for guidance).
2. Enter pairing mode on the PodsKit by holding button 1 or button 2 for four seconds
3. The LED on the PodsKit willbegin flashing whiteto indicate it has successfully entered pairing mode.
4. Pairing is successful when the LED on the PodsKit changes from flashing white to constant white.
5. You are now ready to enjoy high quality sound through your Bluetooth headphones / earphones!

Connecting a Second Bluetooth Device
PodsKit supports connection for two pairs of Bluetooth headphones / earphones simultaneously.
1. To connect a second pair of headphones / earphones, please repeat steps 1-4 above.
2. If you used pairing button 1 to connect the first Bluetooth device, please use pairing button 2 to connect the second device (and vice versa).
Notes on Bluetooth connection:
• Once a device has been paired with the PodsKit, it will reconnect automatically next time you turn use it.
• PodsKit stores pairing data for up to four devices.
• Headphones / earphones may need to be re-paired with PodsKit if they were subsequently paired with another Bluetooth device.

To enable voice functionality using the included microphone:
Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite.
• Plug microphone into the 3.5mm audio jack on the console.

• Plug microphone into the 3.5mm audio jack on the DualShock™ 4 controller.
• To setup the microphone within the PS4 settings menu:

• The included microphone is not compatible with PC. Please refer to the user manual of your Bluetooth headphones for guidance on micro phone operation with PC.
Notes on microphone use:
1. Microphone volume can be adjusted by using the relevant settings menu on the connected console.
2. If two people are connected simultaneously, the microphone is shared by both players.

Product Specification
Input port: USB Type C / USB A (using the included adapter)
Transmission distance: 10m/33ft
Frequency range:2.402GHz - 2.480GHz
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, PS4, PC
Bluetoothversion compatibility: Bluetooth 5.0, 4.0, 3.0 and 2.1
Supported protocols: Qualcomm® aptX LL™, aptX™, SBC, A2DP, AFH, HFP, HSP

AboutBluetooth protocol Latencies
PodsKit supports the following Bluetooth protocols (lower latency = better audio synchronous transmission):

SBC: 220ms ± 50ms.
aptX™: 70ms ± 10ms.
aptXLL™: ≤ 40ms.
• Bluetooth headsets with AptX LL™ or AptX™ technology are recommended for music / rhythm games.
• Low Latency transmission is available only when both the Bluetooth adapter and headset support aptX LL™ or AptX™ technology.
• To activate low delay transmission using atpX™ or aptX LL™ protocols, the Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth transmitter must both be equipped with aptX™ or aptX LL™ technology.
• Due to the particularity of Bluetooth signal transmission and size limitation, TWS earphones normally have weaker signal strength and anti-interference ability compared with ordinary Bluetooth earphones.
• Due to the specific wireless technology built into individual Bluetooth headsets, users may experience temporary disconnection or sound delays caused by electromagnetic interferences in air.When this happens, please reduce the distance between the Bluetooth headset and the Bluetooth transmitter, and / or move to a new location.
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