GameCube Controller Adapter 4 Ports (W012) V06: Firmware V.06 for MAC (but upgrade it on Windows)

2023-08-28 10:22:51
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GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U, PC USB and Switch, 4 Port
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Firmware V.06 for MAC,but upgrade it on Windows (DO NOT update to V06 if you play on Windows. It's for MAC only! )

Additional Instruction for the Firmware V.05&06 (update on 2016MAY12)

PC and Wii U Mode Instruction

1. Wii U Mode

Please push the switch to the Wii U mode when you play the game

2. PC Mode

-Automatic Identification:

The POKKEN TOURNAMENT Controller mode will be identified automatically when you plug the adapter in o your Wii U game system. Only supports

The PC Dinput mode will be indentified automatically once you use the adapter on your PC. Supports the GC/Wii Dolphin Emulator.

-Manual Switch

You can change the mode to POKKEN TOURNAMENT Controller mode bypressing and holding the three buttons “START+A+Z” for 2 seconds,and switch to PC Dinput mode by pressing and holding the three buttons “START+B+Z” for 3 seconds.

POKKEN TOURNAMENT Controller Mode Instruction

1. Buttons on the POKKEN TOURNAMENT Controller Mode

- POV-POV, A->A, B-> B, X->X, Y->Y, L->L, R-> R, Z->ZR, START->START



2.Only one GAMECUBE Controller is supported on the POKKEN TOURNAMENT controller mode

3.No need to upgrade your adapter if you don’t play the game.

*Firmware V05 for WINDOWS and LINUX, V06 for MAC (but upgrade in WINDOWS)

How to update W012 GameCube Adapter for Wii U?

  1. Download the firmware from and install it on your Windows PC.

    MAYFLASH Limited

  2. Push the switch on the side of the adapter to “PC mode” and plug the black USB port  to your PC.

    MAYFLASH Limited

  3. select “update Firmware”.

    Donot disconnect the device until you are informed that the updated was completed successfully.

    MAYFLASH Limited

    MAYFLASH Limited